Our Purpose:

To help you optimize the quality, focus and expression of your energy.

By nurturing stronger relationships…

We cultivate the best physical, emotional and mentally strong versions of ourselves. Focused on work that matters, we consciously contribute our best in service of a meaningful cause. Our top virtues operationalized deliberately and consistently; we create a better world for all.

“This just might be one of the best, most practical, and needed leadership books ever written. It’s amazingly chock full of real-world insights that can help anyone be a better person and a better leader with others in any context, however challenging. There are nuggets of wisdom on nearly every page that can be life changing. I wish every leader I’ve ever worked with could have had this book available to help him or her move from theory to practice to mastery. Highly, enthusiastically recommended! A real treat and a joy to read!”

Tom Morris

Philosopher and bestselling author of over thirty pioneering books, including If Aristotle Ran General Motors, The Art of Achievement, The Oasis Within, Plato’s Lemonade Stand, and Stoicism for Dummies.

“There are some people that walk into a room and make everything brighter, and Carl is one of those people. Masterfully simple in narrative yet highly inspired in its lessons, the Biology of Leadership is a playbook for how to better understand and care for yourself and your influence on others—and how to make change by showing up as the best version of yourself. It is a must read for anyone looking to be a force for good.”

Melaina Vinski, MSc, PhD

Associate Client Partner, IBM Consulting - Behavioural Science and AI & Analytics

Our Vision

You’ve flipped the switch that powers-on the best version of you. Your virtue compass in hand, you intentionally create a meaningful ripple effect that leaves behind a positive emotional wake.

Our Core Virtues:


Open-minded and interested. Everyone has something to offer – we evidence respect and appreciation for one another accordingly.


Focus matters – we’re clear about what we want and intentional about our attention.


From present moment awareness, we create. Never stuck, we allow our imagination the space to play with possibility.


Life rewards action. Living into the answers, we learn, support and encourage one another. It’s always us against the challenge, never against each other.


We practice conscious acceptance, support compassionately and express our best in an effort to always elevate the energy level for all.

A Bigger Vision

“Practice living in the present, and you’ll live with presence. By optimizing the quality, focus and expression of your energy, you’ll position yourself for maximum effect. If you further practice being intentional about your attention, you’ll consciously fuse your energy with the Purpose, Vision and Values that you choose to serve. Values actualized are Virtues. Time to consistently operationalize our Virtues and infuse our optimal best into our doing, transforming it into the very best that we have to offer. Virtue Compass Inc. is excited to help navigate your Hero’s journey…let’s do this!”

Carl Oxholm, FCPA, FCA, COC
Founder and CEO

“What a fantastic book – I can’t describe how much fun it was to read. Carl’s book came at the right time. It helped me to reflect on 25+ years of my (good and not so good) leadership practice and will be my guideline for hopefully many years to come, as a leader who thrives to serve with love, heart and courage. I am sure “The Biology of Leadership” will be a Bestseller!”

Robert Hardt

President and CEO, Plasma Water Solutions Inc.

“With its unique blend of modern science and ancient wisdom, this book will help individuals and organizations optimize their energy and align with their intentions. Carl’s commitment to making a positive impact is truly remarkable, and this exceptional work demonstrates his unwavering dedication to helping others succeed.”

Asma Zaghloul

Certified Life Coach

If you choose to read The Biology of Leadership, I hope it serves you well, and provides healthy food for thought that you enjoy experimenting with. It was your voice that fueled my energy in the service of writing this book. From my heart to yours – THANK YOU!

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