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Pub date: February 16, 2024

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Manage your emotions, energy, and actions to lead better

How can you optimize the positive influence you have on yourself and others? In The Biolog y of Leadership, expert executive coach Carl Oxholm equips you with an enhanced level of self-awareness that promotes your ability to self-regulate, manage, and lead. He helps you ponder what it’s like for others to be in your presence and the resulting impact.

Drawing on key scientific insights and his decades of experience in senior leadership roles, Oxholm showcases the links between biology and business and offers leadership acumen that will enhance your emotional intelligence—and in turn help you express your best. In this book, you will learn what drives your reactions and responses; how to optimize the quality, focus, and expression of your energy as you lead others to success; the art and science of cocreating optimal experiences; and how to develop conscious, intentional relationships so that team performance flourishes.

The Biolog y of Leadership helps you understand how your biology affects your ability to lead and how to make the greatest positive impact for yourself, others, and your organization.

CARL OXHOLM is founder and CEO of Virtue Compass Inc. (VCI), which helps individuals and organizations optimize their energy and manifest their intention. Prior to creating VCI, he spent almost thirty years in a variety of leadership roles with PwC Canada. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and has traveled the world providing talks and facilitating work- shops on emotional intelligence and leadership development. He lives in the Greater Toronto Area.

“One of the best, most practical, needed leadership books ever written. Highly, enthusiastically recommended!”

TOM MORRIS, bestselling author of Philosophy for Dummies

“Masterfully simple yet highly inspired in its lessons, The Biology of Leadership is a must-read for anyone looking to be a force for good.”

MELAINA VINSKI, MSc, PhD, associate client partner at IBM