Carl Oxholm’s approach to leadership development is practical, passionate and insightful – it has been a core element of our leadership program for many years, for which our employees at Hatch have benefitted immeasurably.  “The Biology of Leadership” is a wonderful  summary of this journey in Carl’s affable and  plain-speaking style that resonates with management professionals and executives as easily as it does with family members and young professionals. In this book Carl underscores the premise that leading an organization requires leading others, and neither can work unless you are able to lead yourself – easier said than done for most of us. Fortunately for the reader, Carl meticulously unpacks how emotional intelligence principles translate to more effective leadership behaviours, and how adopting those behaviours can help us consistently live our values.  Through his compelling stories and insights, he invites us to take ourselves off “auto-pilot” and explore how we can become better leaders through curiosity, humility, compassion and service to others.  If you want to effectively lead with authenticity and positivity, The Biology of Leadership provides all you need to succeed on your learning journey!

John Bianchini

Hatch Global Chairman & CEO

As a CEO, I hired Carl to present to my leadership team on energy, emotional intelligence and leadership at a time that the organization was going through a significant and challenging transformation. The leadership team was struggling with the change, and fatigued in the midst of leading through COVID. I had seen a presentation by Carl and thought his approach to leadership, and his message of mindfully focusing on the quality and expression of energy as leaders, was exactly what was needed. It was an incredible experience to team with Carl, and importantly, to witness the visible and positive shift in energy in the leadership team long after our sessions with Carl concluded. The Biology of Leadership is a must-read for leaders leading organizations through transformation, which starts first and foremost, within us.

The first thing to know about meeting Carl, is he is the real deal. The insights, deep wisdom and effusive energy in The Biology of Leadership IS the experience of Carl and what he brings to life in- person. Carl brings ‘big stage’ energy to every interaction with him, be it a personal conversation, or in the board room. The Biology of Leadership is an extraordinary gift that encompasses not only what it means (and how) to be a present, compassionate and aware leader that enables bringing out the best in people and the organizations we serve, but also provides the keys to becoming the best version of ourselves in the whole of our lives, as human beings.

Amina Deiab

CEO and founder of QED Inc.

What an amazing and well-written “human” approach to leadership! For decades I have wondered why the human side of business relationships is so widely under-appreciated and under-communicated. Carl demonstrates his unique ability to ask clear, direct and unapologetic questions of senior leaders, and humorously re-asking his questions until they are answered with self-awareness and humility. He provides endless illustrations of how to be at our best to create impact in both business and personal interactions. Just as he does in his daily life, Carl emphasizes the “whole” person and what they experience — so a leader can appreciate the importance of these concepts and be truly present for those they lead. As the bonus, Carl describes the fulfillment leaders will experience from guiding others in teamwork, personal growth and enjoyment! Well done Carl Oxholm for sharing your leadership experience and your passion for life in these unique and much needed ways! Finally, a leadership book that I couldn’t put down!

Gino Scapillati

Vice Chair of Strategy and Innovation at Bennett Jones

This just might be one of the best, most practical, and needed leadership books ever written. It’s amazingly chock full of real-world insights that can help anyone be a better person and a better leader with others in any context, however challenging. There are nuggets of wisdom on nearly every page that can be life changing. I wish every leader I’ve ever worked with could have had this book available to help him or her move from theory to practice to mastery. Highly, enthusiastically recommended! A real treat and a joy to read!

Tom Morris

Philosopher and bestselling author of over thirty pioneering books, including If Aristotle Ran General Motors, The Art of Achievement, The Oasis Within, Plato’s Lemonade Stand, and Stoicism for Dummies.

There are some people that walk into a room and make everything brighter, and Carl is one of those people. Masterfully simple in narrative yet highly inspired in its lessons, the Biology of Leadership is a playbook for how to better understand and care for yourself and your influence on others—and how to make change by showing up as the best version of yourself. It is a must read for anyone looking to be a force for good.

Melaina Vinski, MSc, PhD

Associate Client Partner, IBM Consulting - Behavioural Science and AI & Analytics

Carl has outlined key elements of leadership that leverage biological principles for both personal health and communication strategies to bring the best out of yourself and others on your team. These key values can create energy and an environment where all can give their courageous ideas and constructive insights to keep progressing toward fulfilling the mission while keeping true to organizational values. If our health care leaders followed his advice, we could keep our key personnel, avoid burnout, and improve quality and quantity of care to those most in need. Whenever possible I will grow and “infect” other health care leaders with the wisdom I now have available to me through this tremendous book. I look forward to my signed copy and will be purchasing many, many more to share with whomever I can. There are so many others, leaders and potential leaders who will benefit. Thanks Carl!

James Bain MD, MSc, FRCSC

Professor Plastic Surgery, McMaster University

I knew this book would be a great but it exceeded all expectation!
I appreciated the personal anecdotes shared to bring concepts to life.  Have I ever been in a meeting where I feel myself becoming increasingly charged? Absolutely. Now, armed with the understanding of how neurobiology impacts me in these instances, allows me to recalibrate more effectively to ensure I’m still delivering my best despite the curve balls.
As leaders we intuitively know our actions and behaviors impact our team; however, how many of us reflect on the quality of energy we bring to each interaction?  This book prompted me to really reflect on how I can be most effective in my role by creating an environment that is more fulfilling for me and my team.   The beauty of that, is that not only does the work feel more rewarding but allows me to contribute to an environment that is most conducive to delivering better business results.
If we are committed to our craft, really developing the skill of leadership, then this book points you in the direction of how to do that most effectively.
In a world where we must do more with less, juggle competing priorities and thrive in a competitive environment that is ever changing, this book arms me with how we can take back “control” of our experience by arming us with strategies and concepts to contribute by leading with humanity, in an intentional way, which ultimately positively impacts the business.
Thank you, Carl, for the work you’re doing to create a more compassionate world!

Liz Bouthillier

Franklin Templeton Investments Canada - SVP, Sales

A masterpiece for 21st century leadership. Business, science, and love? This book walks you through what you need to know to be a strong and responsible leader who drives profitability and meaningful organizations. As an Organizational Psychologist who has served global leaders for decades, I recognize this book is a true masterpiece of innovation. Oxholm distills his decades of work as a big-league professional who has committed his life to serving people. This book marries business, science and humanity – A touching must read for everyone.

Dr. Tatijana Busic, Ph.D., C.Psych

Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, Busic Psychology & Consulting

What a fantastic book – I can’t describe how much fun it was to read. Carl’s book came at the right time. It helped me to reflect on 25+ years of my (good and not so good) leadership practice and will be my guideline for hopefully many years to come, as a leader who thrives to serve with love, heart and courage. I am sure “The Biology of Leadership” will be a Bestseller!

Robert Hardt

President and CEO, Plasma Water Solutions Inc.

The biology of leadership is a remarkable book that’s brimming with practical information that I plan to put into action today and everyday going forward.  Working in the “creative arts” I’ve faced many challenges in bringing out the best in teams of artists, writers, musicians and other collaborators.   What I didn’t know was that I need to bring out the best in me to bring out the best in them.   For years I thought that meant making sure I was well caffeinated before any morning meeting.  Boy, was I wrong. Once you’re aware of something it’s hard to go backwards – I’m now aware of how our collective biology impacts our thoughts, attitudes, interactions, work and most importantly for me, our creativity.   You see creativity is my currency and anything I can do to spark my best and the best in others is, well, money in the bank.   This is a book that will stick with me and I’m sure to revisit it on a regular basis.  My only complaint about “The Biology of Leadership” is that I didn’t have it twenty years ago.

Dave Beatty

Partner and Creative Producer at Secret Sauce Entertainment Inc.

Being true to yourself and contributing your best in service of the moment – It’s so simple (in theory), so why do we make it so difficult? The Biology of Leadership has unpacked remarkable nuggets of wisdom that actually make it simpler to be, and to contribute, our best; and it will leave you in awe in the process! This book helps us recognize the small things that make a big difference and will guarantee our path to more effective leadership.

Tahir Ayub

EVP & CFO OpenRoad Auto Group and former senior partner, PwC Canada

I really enjoyed this book and found it incredibly insightful.  The stories and examples are great and really illustrate Carl’s points effectively.  I am happy to endorse, “The Biology of Leadership.” It is full of excellent guidance for anyone leading a team, or themselves, and who may not be as emotionally gifted (or experienced) as the writer. It guided me based on science and is grounded in practical application. An excellent reminder of how we can interact with everyone in our life to help ourselves and the people around us achieve maximum potential. This book will benefit everyone!

John Jefferson

Senior Vice President – Controller, Carnival Cruise Line

Absolutely love this book! “The Biology of Leadership” is the real deal and a gift to the aspiring leader in all of us. It will be an eye-opening read for many and a valuable reference for others – an important reminder to pause and reflect on your own actions and their impact. As the grateful recipient of Carl’s wisdom and coaching over the years, I am so thrilled that the world now has an opportunity to benefit from the many insights shared by Carl in this fascinating book!

Gayle Hoey

Partner, PwC Canada

Written in a way that is fully reflective of the love, compassion, wisdom and humour of the author, Carl Oxholm has written a book that clarifies how leadership is truly a whole brain, whole heart, and whole-body experience. By missing any of these elements, leaders run the risk of seriously short changing those that rely on them to lead.  Carl blends science, data and tangible evidence from his own remarkable lived experience to bring these concepts and insights magically to life…and ready to apply!

Andy Martiniello

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator, Board Director

Through captivating storytelling, Carl creates magic as he links two distinct fields of study into one. He has taken the science of human biology and applied it in a way that not only helps you to better understand how you are perceived but will leave you with the knowledge and confidence to traverse your own leadership journey to greater heights.

Li Zhang MBA PMP

CPA Canada Director, Financial Literacy / Directrice, littératie financière, Social Impact / Impact Social

To look out the window, physical OR digital, is to see humanity in divide. What would be possible if each person felt their duty to lead – to stand in the centre of the chaos and be an exemplar? To create an experience that creates ripples? Carl Oxholm shows us that we are captains of our own destiny. In each moment, we have the potential to shape the next – if only we give it our presence, our attention and our energy. He challenges us to always ask -“what could I be doing to lead, rather than just observe and accept?”

He poses the question “what is it like to be in your presence?” and I bet many of us don’t know the answer. Like Carl himself, this book is welcoming, playful, supportive and experimental. Far from a survey of research or best practices, it encourages you to simply try the ideas with curiosity, and see for yourself what works.

This book has an uncanny way of giving you exactly what you need in the exact moment you need it. For everyone struggling to achieve an outcome, become more effective, lead better – all while enjoying the ride more – something in this book will speak directly to your soul. As he demonstrates in each coaching story, Carl is an experienced guide. Leadership rooted in wisdom, experience and reflection can change the world. A powerful gift to the world – this book will show you how. Experiment. Play. Seek. Try.

Chris Williams

Host - Badass Agile Podcast & Senior Strategy Consultant

It is hard to put into words the value and brilliance of this book and the unexplored human aspect of leadership that Carl has now shared! This book stands out over anything I have read in leadership and personal development. This will without a doubt be my manual for life!

The Biology of Leadership prepares us to embark on an extraordinary journey and explore the heart and soul of becoming an authentic, influential, and empowering leader. Carl has masterfully authored a groundbreaking and unique book that will forever redefine the landscape of leadership and personal development, both in business and in life.

As someone who has had the privilege of knowing Carl personally, reading this book was like having an intimate conversation with him. It transcends the boundaries of the printed word. Each chapter reflects the very essence and authenticity of who Carl is: a rare leader who, without exception, walks the talk and practices what he teaches. He embodies an uncommon level of integrity, demonstrated by his unwavering “consistency of beingness” and the “actualization of [the] values” and principles he stands by, which provides an unquestionable level of credibility to the wisdom, principles, strategies, and insights shared in this book.

The Biology of Leadership is a game-changer not only in leadership but also in transforming your life. It sets the benchmark and offers the compass and strategies for cultivating meaningful, respectful, and influential relationships.

Carl has struck the perfect balance of research, honest and relevant stories, insights and principles, and immediately actionable strategies. Moreover, with kindness and no agenda other than to serve, Carl gives you the nudge you need to test out and put into practice all that he shares.

This book will guide you to becoming a people-first, values-driven, and impactful leader in the real world. It’s a testament to what is possible when you commit to becoming an influential source of goodness and positivity.

With nearly two decades of experience as a Leadership Strategist and Executive and High Performance Coach, working with the world’s most elite professionals, I can say with certainty and confidence that this book is a trailblazer and in a league of its own in business and personal development. This book isn’t just about advancing and raising the standards of leadership; it’s about deepening your relationships and changing the trajectory of your life. Carl’s words will resonate in your heart and mind, guiding you toward becoming the best version of yourself and creating meaningful, long-lasting connections that will shape your destiny.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience this literary masterpiece. It’s truly Extraordinary!

Lauren Jawno

Director of Coaching at Growth.com, Business Executive, Leadership Strategist. Executive Coach. Certified High-Performance Coach

Carl through his book is challenging our basic beliefs of the importance of our emotions, “we feel before we think” and the foundation of why we do what we do. His way of explaining through his own experiences with clients enhances the impact of the key concepts he conveys, as he says “focus on the experience of you”. In the end is how conscious we are of our energy management toward ourselves and others. Excellent work Carl!

Dr.Carlos Davidovich MD.

Professor of Neuromanagement University of New York in Prague and Slovenia. Thought leader with the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. TEDx Talk International speaker.

The Biology of Leadership is excellent – I couldn’t put it down! Carl is such a unique and impactful leader and coach. I’m glad that the world is going to have the opportunity to hear his valuable perspective. I think this is the type of humanitarian leadership that people want to experience and provide.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Carl Oxholm for many years. He is one of the most inspirational and impactful leaders that I have worked with. His book “The Biology of Leadership” captures his unique philosophy and approach to humanitarian leadership, and living an authentic life. I am thrilled that people around the world will have the opportunity to experience his valuable insights into leadership. This is the type of positive, human-centric leadership that we are all craving. I look forward to gifting copies of his book to my daughters, colleagues, family, and friends. They are going to love it!

Shelley M. White MA

CEO, Responsible Gambling Council

So insightful and well written! I love the many examples and descriptions of many real-life situations, combined with references to science which makes the book easy and fun to read. I wish I had read “The Biology of Leadership” years ago. The explanations and examples provided in the book of how biology impacts the effectiveness of leadership and human interactions are  extremely helpful for the implementation of practical ideas to enrich my day-to-day interaction with colleagues, coaches, friends and family members. I’m also a strong believer that small changes in how we lead and interact with people can make a significant impact on the quality of leadership and the success of others impacted by one’s leadership. It was great to see this reflected in this amazing book. Fantastic job Carl!!!

Arturo Lopez

Retired PwC Partner

In a world where effective leadership is paramount, this book stands out as a shining beacon of wisdom and guidance. “The Biology of Leadership” is more than just a book; it’s a roadmap to excellence in leadership. Carl’s profound insights, drawn from years of experience, provide a clear and actionable framework for anyone aspiring to become a more effective leader. His genuine passion for helping others succeed shines through in every page.

This book offers invaluable lessons that are both timeless and highly relevant in today’s dynamic business landscape. It covers everything from vision and strategy to empathy and adaptability, making it an essential resource for leaders at every level.

By reading this book, you’ll not only gain a deeper understanding of leadership but also be inspired to implement positive change in your own professional journey. Carl Oxholm’s work is a testament to the power of effective leadership, and this book is a must-read for anyone committed to achieving excellence in the world of business.

Alan Baroey


This book is a groundbreaking and enlightening exploration of the intersection between biology and leadership. It has the potential to reshape our understanding of leadership and its core principles.

Carl possesses a unique talent for simplifying complex concepts and connecting seemingly unrelated subjects such as biology, neuroscience and effective leadership.

I’ve had the privilege of engaging in over 100 hours of one-on-one conversations with Carl over the past few years and it has been a truly eye opening and life changing experience. I have personally witnessed the positive leadership he discusses in this remarkable book. He exemplifies what he advocates.

He presents strategies and real-world applications that can be easily implemented in both our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re an executive, an aspiring leader or simply looking to make a positive impact on those around you, this book offers valuable insights for everyone.

Greg Hall

Senior Consultant & Certified Optimize Coach

An incredible book! It brings the reader into a series of fascinating, private conversations with the author. Every page has value and speaks to his many years of leadership experience. 

The Biology of Leadership is full of practical knowledge and skills to help the leader in all of us. Whether the reader is a corporate executive, factory floor worker or student, the guidance shared in this book will be valuable. This is an amazing compilation of scientific insight, practical business acumen and core leadership fundamentals – a book for the kind of leader we desperately need more of today!

John Gotts

Retired Partner, PwC Canada

I am delighted to endorse ‘The Biology of Leadership’ by Carl Oxholm. This thought-provoking book not only empowers readers to enhance their leadership capabilities but also offers insights into the intricate relationship between biology and effective leadership.

Carl’s work delves deep into the world of leadership, unraveling the underlying mechanisms that shape our behaviour and decision-making as leaders. His ability to distill complex concepts into practical, actionable strategies sets this book apart.

What truly distinguishes Carl’s work is his unwavering passion for nurturing the leadership potential within each of us. ‘The Biology of Leadership’ is a testament to his expertise and dedication to helping others become exceptional leaders.

As someone deeply involved in the world of finance, I can attest to the immense value this book brings to leaders at all levels. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your leadership journey, ‘The Biology of Leadership’ is an indispensable resource.

Khaled Sultan

Senior Portfolio Manager, CIBC

With its unique blend of modern science and ancient wisdom, this book will help individuals and organizations optimize their energy and align with their intentions. Carl’s commitment to making a positive impact is truly remarkable, and this exceptional work demonstrates his unwavering dedication to helping others succeed.

Asma Zaghloul

Certified Life Coach

I am beyond words how helpful this book is, I LOVED it!! This is a must read for everyone but should be mandatory for all Leaders in the workplace. I LOVED every chapter and all of Carl’s stories but “Relationships are Everything” is my favourite chapter. Are you on the left or the right-side list? You will have to read the book to find out 🙂

Christine Evans


In these recent months and years of challenge and change, people are hungry for leadership locally and globally.  This collection of curated and relatable stories brings to life ways to better lead in our personal and professional relationships.  It is refreshing to see building relationships articulated as core and paramount to success, in addition to other competencies that are typically centre stage.  

The Biology of Leadership depicts the connection between (1) the art of the way we speak and behave; and (2) the science of recognizing and understanding our biological response.  Our behaviours and words are a mix of an improvised and choreographed dance.  If we can all practice shifting from tense impulse to tempered intuition, and from provoked ego to productive energy, we can take pause and more wisely use our time to learn and draw on our best performance.

These stories are a great reminder of how to use our values and virtues to authentically expand our expression and guidance.  They show us how to shift from potential to energy in action, by adding our catalyst for continuous improvement, where our catalyst can be as simple as  practicing straight talk, constructive feedback, and frequent encouragement.  Thank you for reminding us on how we can use what is within ourselves to strengthen relationships, and to have practical ways to be in service to oneself and in service to others.

Sally Atalla

Senior Innovation & Strategy Consultant

If you choose to read The Biology of Leadership, I hope it serves you well, and provides healthy food for thought that you enjoy experimenting with. It was your voice that fueled my energy in the service of writing this book. From my heart to yours – THANK YOU!

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